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Hire The WordShop for Your Writing and Marketing Needs.

Karen Chronister, DBA The WordShop, Statement of Purpose: As a marketing professional, I strive to thoroughly understand and anticipate a business’s strengths and weaknesses by knowing its personnel, products, services, and target market, including any unique niches, utilizing intensive market research, strategic planning, and prioritized execution of the goals agreed upon with the business decision makers.

In layman terms: The WordShop has gymnastic abilities, and therefore, makes a great bendable buddy in a less than booming marketplace.

Professional Writing and Marketing Services: market research, market specialist/consultant, branding, promotional media, copy writing, editing, articles, interviews/bios, logo design, slogans, jingles, newsletters, other professional writing services.

Pricing per hour or per project and by contract as marketing specialist/consultant (daily rate).  Call 717-428-6252 or email today to set up a free consultation.

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  1. TyLeishia says:

    Greetings Karen! It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to your blogs…let’s keep in touch :0) Happy Holidays to you and your family.
    TyLeishia aka “JDNM”

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