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Karen Chronister

Professional Marketing and Writing Services: consultant, includes market research and strategic planning, marketing specialist, branding, promotional media, social media (content/design/branding, including wordpress banners, facebook cover/buttons), advertising & copy writing, editing, magazine articles, interviews & bios, logo design, slogans, newsletters, and other professional writing services. The WordShop uses Adobe Creative Suite to design original promotional media.

Pricing per hour, per project, and by daily contract as a specialist/consultant. Call Karen Chronister at 717-428-6252 or email karen@thewordshopblog.com today to set up a free consultation, in person or video conference. The WordShop’s sphere includes, present and past, work in the following industries and organizations:  Travel & Tourism, Building & Restoration, Digital Publishing, Music, Non-Profit, Insurance, Hotel, and Medical.

The WordShop”
Karen Chronister, DBA The WordShop, Statement of Purpose: As a marketing professional, I strive to thoroughly understand and anticipate a business’s strengths and weaknesses by knowing its personnel, products, services, and target market, including any unique niches, utilizing intensive market research, strategic planning, and prioritized execution of the goals agreed upon with the business decision makers. In layman terms: The WordShop has gymnastic abilities, and therefore, makes a great bendable buddy in a less than booming marketplace.  


Travel & Food Writing

Karen participates as an independent Travel and Food Journalist/Blogger on media/press tours and for special events. She especially loves unique coffee houses, businesses who give back to their community or fight global poverty, overcomers, and unique personalities with great stories. She writes the voices. Email karen@thewordshopblog.com to bring her to your town, business or event.  Follow Karen on Twitter @karenchronister and search #writingthevoices and #whereisKarenChronister.

What They Said…

“You, Karen, have a God given ability to reach beyond the coffee cup, into people’s hearts and interact with them in a most gracious, genuine, nonthreatening and appealing way. It’s a gift to be used carefully and wisely and you do both well.”  ~ Cindy Neff, Bob Neff Tours

“That was the most amazing piece I have read about the bakery to date.” ~ Bren, Amelie’s co-owner

“Just about everything you picked up on is something I wanted to create/implement/have happen. And to hear an employee tell our story so well (and in Andrea’s case trust enough to tell it)…well that’s where the tears come in!”  ~ Lynn, Amelie’s co-owner

” I do have to say you nailed the FAM trip of Memphis!!! It was a great pleasure to meet and hang out with you…” ~ Deb, Cape Cod Tour Operator, on Amelie’s A Coffee Shop Gem

“This review was beautifully written & stays very true to the experience I’ve had at this exact place!” ~ Stephen, on Uncovering an Underground Coffee House

“Mysterious, intriguing. I want a panama hat too!” ~ Trudi, on Uncovering an Underground Coffee House


  1. Hello, Shane!
    It was wonderful to meet you and I’ve just whipped up a scrumptious dish with your smoked pork chops! I don’t have anything up yet since I just got home on Wednesday. I’ll let you as soon as something goes up, but I’ll definitely be mentioning your business! Very yummy products and very impressive how you support the military.
    Take care,
    Karen Chronister

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